Indoor air quality refers to the climate inside homes and buildings specifically, the cleanliness and purity of the air.

Some indoor climates can actually be dirtier or less healthy than outdoor air, especially with current tighter building construction.

When buildings were not sealed and insulated as they are today, structures had more air changes, outdoor air seeping through walls and windows (infiltration), than they do today.

Air Pro offers products to provide proper ventilation, air filtration, humidification, and air purification.

Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV) and Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) are designed to bring fresh air from outdoors into your home without losing the heat or cool you paid to produce with your furnace or air conditioner. The difference between HRV’s and ERV’s is that ERV’s have a greater capacity to transfer moisture as well as heat during air changes.

Air filtration is critical to proper indoor air quality and for efficient heating and cooling equipment operation.

Air filters in the air stream of a duct system that are not a good fit allow dirt to pass around the air filters.

A properly installed air filter fits the duct or cabinet where it is installed.

There are many different types of air filters.  At Air Pro we prefer a good 5″ media air filter and an ultra violet air purifier.

The 5″ media filter looks like an accordion with many pleats and an abundance of surface area that allow the media to hold more dust and dirt and last longer without replacement.

The ultra violet air purifier is used to kill bacteria trapped on the surface of the media air filter.

Ultra violet air purification has been used in hospital duct systems for quite some time to promote a healthier environment inside hospitals.

In duct humidifiers add moisture to indoor air that can be drier than any desert when heated by a forced air furnace.

When indoor air is heated moisture is removed from the air and objects inside the conditioned space. A good humidifier that is properly installed can prevent wooden furniture, pianos, and hard wood floors from cracking as well provide health benefits like keeping sinuses and skin from dying out.  A heated indoor conditioned space that has the correct amount of humidity will even feel warmer at lower indoor temperatures and allow lower thermostat settings thus saving energy.


Air Pro offers a full line of indoor air quality products and would be happy to review your particular situation and make air quality recommendations that would benefit you and your family.